Flexible solutions for Canadian manufacturers

We understand the unique needs of specialized manufacturers. Our manufacturing solutions deliver industry-specific underwriting, risk control analysis and claim service tailored to the nuances of today's manufacturing industry.

We have the knowledge, experience and technical ability to help manufacturers identify and reduce exposures that could result in injuries or damage to property

Key coverages

Inclusion of tenant’s improvements and computer hardware, computer software and data media material in the definition of contents
In-house equipment breakdown including production machinery
Manufacturers selling price valuation
Peak season endorsement
Replacement cost for patterns, dies and molds
Property in transit, including loading and unloading
Off-premises utility failure
Fire department service charges
Fire protective equipment
Hacking event or computer virus attack
Newly acquired premises
Worldwide coverage with suits brought back to North America
Limited pollution coverage

Cyber liability

Featured products

for Metal Product Manufacturers 

for Food and Beverage Manufacturers 

for Wineries 

for Plastics & Rubber Products Manufacturers 

for Printers 

Suitable for:

Electrical equipment manufacturers
Electrical distribution equipment
Electrical industrial apparatus
Household appliances
Electrical lighting
Wiring equipment
Other types of electrical equipment and supplies

Food and beverage manufacturers

Bakery products/dry goods
Candy and confectionery products
Ice cream and frozen desserts
Prepared foods
Milk and dairy
Fruits and vegetables
Meat and seafood
Soft drink manufacturers
Canned foods
Frozen foods

Metal product manufacturers

Auto parts (non-critical)
Metal casting and molding
Industrial and commercial machinery and equipment
Metal forging
Metal rolling, drawing and extruding
Metal stamping and machining

Manufacturers of wood products 

Furniture and fixtures
Wood and paper products

Mineral product manufacturers

Crushed and broken limestone
Construction sand and gravel
Glass products, made of purchased glass
Brick and structural clay tile
Concrete block and brick
Concrete products, except block and brick
Ready-mix concrete
Cut stone and stone products
Abrasive products
Mineral and earth, ground and otherwise treated

Plastic and rubber goods manufacturers* (Manufacturers of finished goods including such processes as lamination and films) 

Fabricated rubber products
Plastic plumbing fixtures
Food containers
Plastic bottles
Laminated/film products
Plastic and rubber footwear
Molded, extruded and lathe-cut rubber goods
Rubber or plastic hoses and belting
Plastic pipe
Gaskets, packaging and sealing
Plastic products

Textile product manufacturers (Manufacturers of textile products including knitting, spinning, weaving and finishing sectors)

Apparel and accessories
Broad woven fabric mills
Cotton and man-made fiber and silk
Household furnishings, except draperies and curtains


Pre- and post-press service providers
Commercial and lithographic printers
Book, textbook, pamphlet and music book printers
Business form printers